Kajiado village tour day trip

Each of Kenya’s 42 tribes exhibit distinct and peculiar cultural code of practices and traditions. Some of the most distinct are from the Five dominant tribes: Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kikuyu and Luhya. The Maasai tribe is the most authentic ethnic tribe of Kenya. We are flexible in these Kenya cultural safaris itineraries as the number of days to participate in them, depends on which tribe, season, occasion and distance from the starting point.

Depart Nairobi

Depart Nairobi for Kajiado

Depart from Nairobi at 0730hrs to Kajiado. The journey to Kajiado goes through the busy Mombasa Highways but branches off after about 30 KM, whereby you take the Nairobi-Namanga road. There is a lot to see and learn about the Kenyan people and their way of life. The road towards Kajiado is dotted with traditional homes and you will often pass the Masai people driving their livestock and donkeys to the pasture grounds.

You will be greeted by Children excited to see visitors, as well as women clad with the masai traditional regalia.

Local Interaction

Arrival Kajiado Village

  • Interact with the locals’ tour guide while we have a guided nature walk/hike at nearby hill to enjoy scenic views
  • A tour guide will take us round the manyattas for an insight into the local community way of life
  • Have goat choma at the village while being entertained by song and dance
Return to Nairobi

After the a day full of activities, return back to Nairobi. Stop over at Athi river for an amazing sunset view on the way back to Nairobi.

However, for those who want to spend the night at the Masai Manyatta, this is possible and it infact highly recommended so that you can experience a night on a traditional Masai bed and the smell of cow dung. You will be narrated lots of stories about their way of life around a camp fire and this will give you an opportunity to ask all your questions to the elder Masai Men and Women.

PRICE STARTS FROM 4,900 per person


Price includes;

  • Local Transport to and fro Nairobi. Private Van for bigger groups
  • Local Lunch which include slaughtered Goat meat
  • Guide fee and local village fee
  • Numerous Cultural experiences
  • Hike to a nearby Cliff
  • Masai Market visit