5 Days 4 Nights Lamu Island Cultural Experience


Day 1


Depart Nairobi by 1400hrs flight to Lamu. Arrival at 1510 hrs. Guests will be met at Manda Airstrip and transferred across to the island by dhow. Overnight in medium sized hotel or guest house, HB.

Options for medium class include Lamu Holiday homes, Jannat House, Subira guest house, Jasmine House, Sunset

Options for upper class – Lamu house, Kijani house, Shela house, Fatmas Tower, Mnarani House, Kizingoni Lodge,

Options for luxury – Majlis, Lamu House, Peponi, Kiwayu Village, Blue safari Club

Day 2

Visit Lamu Old Town

Visit 14th century Lamu Town (a Unesco world heritage site) with a local guide who will show you around. Make it a whole day affair with lunch on the quay and a must see visit to Lamu museum.

The Lamu museum is worth a visit and the town i s interesting for its narrow streets and ancient Swahili culture, whose history dates back to the 15th Century. There is an imposing Fort in the Main square and many old buildings with traditional carved doorways of interest.

Day 3

Shela Beach

Visit the Shela beach and also Manda island as they are just opposite each other. You can carry packed lunch or you can buy from the local shops in the nearby areas as you expect to return back to your guest house for dinner. Shela beach is the most commonly known beach in Lamu. It is just a short distance away by boat but those who want to walk can also walk if they have no issue with the scorching sun and heat.

Explore Shela Beach and engage in water sports such as scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling, windsurfing, water skiing, dhow sailing trips, beach BBQ and deep sea fishing. We would be happy to advise and assist guests should they wish to reserve any of these activities in advance.

Day 4

Village Visits for Cultural experience

Spend this day experiencing Swahili culture through village visits. Lamu Town is 3 kilometres from Shella Village, 40 minutes’ walk along the beach or 15 minutes by dhow. Dhows are readily available and inexpensive.

Day 5

Transfer to airstrip

Transfer to Manda island by boat to catch 1540hrs flight back to Nairobi






USD 300 Per person (BUDGET HOTELS)

USD 600 Per Person (medium Class hotels)

USD 900 PER Person (Premium Class Hotels)

Luxury hotels ask for a quote. Prices depended on season of travel.



  • Accommodation on HB basis
  • Return transfers from Manda airstrip




  • All Activities ( an updated activity list with prices shall be appended)
  • Flights can be booked with our partner airlines. Return flight Nairobi/Lamu usd 300. Special fares USD 243. Special fares are subject to terms and conditions such as time of the year, available seats and booking time.
  • Book early to get special fares with domestic airline Safarilink, Silverstone, Jambo Jet. Return flight
  • Also, we can arrange flight from Malindi to Lamu so that a guest can combine our 3 days 2 nights north Coast of Mombasa (Price USD100 per person, minimum 5 pax) with the Lamu experience.


Shela Village

Shela Village is a tangle of narrow sandy lanes, tall stone houses, some smaller thatched dwellings, mosques, ruins and a spacious square ringed with a few market stalls, small shops and a telephone booth. Here in the cool evenings, the elders gather to talk, while women come out to shop. Wandering through the village you might meet discreet women in bui-bui, young boys in gowns hurrying to the mosque, sleepy donkeys, weathered fishermen, the occasional beachboy or absorbed visitor and a collection of cats. The beach starts a five-minute walk from the village and it is a reason why people return to Lamu again and again – seven miles of golden sands that are never crowded, with a sea clean and ideal for swimming, bodysurfing, diving, wind surfing, skiing, fishing and boating.

Shella has several shops where basic essentials can be bought. Specialised foods and alcoholic beverages are not available and should be brought by the guests if required. Fresh fish and shellfish are readily available and can be bought at reasonable prices from the local fishermen.


Kipungani Village

Kipungani, a totally authentic Swahili village, is just about 5 kilometres from Shella beach. It is one of the less crowded places to visit. The best way is to take a sailing boat/dhow that can carry up to 20 people. It moves slowly so that you can take in all the views. It takes about an hour and half to get to kipungani village. The dhow is swept by the cool ocean breezes and controlled by skilled dhow sailers who will keep you engaged with stories of the ocean and give answers to your many questions. It is a very comfortable boat with mattresses and pillows and it even comes with a music system. They can also provide you with breakfast and lunch if you inform them earlier. You can even cook on the boat or you can carry your foods. It took. This trip in turn provides employment and funding for community initiatives.

Takwa Ruins expedition

Take the boat to Manda Island and visit Takwa ruins – beautiful and very atmospheric with ancient tombs and gigantic baobabs trees twisting through them. It’s recommended to visit the place very early in the morning or late in the evening when the tides are really low. If you feel like it cross to the other side of the island and walk back along the beach – your boat captain will meet you at the end of the beach (3 hour walk).

Lamu Art Festival

Festivals in Lamu are arranged in advance so watch out for the calender of events. The art Festival is usually in Feb and March and is attended by people from all walks of life.

The main activity is the Dhow race, donkey race and myriads of culinary where guests can buy and sample tasty dishes.

Local Cuisine and Lamu Food Festival

There are good restaurants where locally made food dishes and alcoholic beverages are available. Fresh fish and other sea foods are readily available. Different types of fresh sea fish, Octopus, shell fish and can be bought at reasonable prices from the local fishermen and the cook will prepare it according to you taste. Enjoy swahili dishes like pilau, mahamri, pizza mkate, bhajia, which will readily go down with local drinks; madafu, tamarind juice/Ukwaju juice or fresh fruit juice. Fresh fruits in Lamu are also easy to find as they come from the rich agricultural area of Lamu main land and Mpeketoni; from mangoes, pineapples, water melons, bananas, coconuts.

Get henna Tattoo

Why go all the way to Lamu or Mombasa and not get a Henna Tattoo? The ladies are really talented and keen to detail. The art can take from 10 minutes upto 1 hour depending on the design.

Water Sports

Perfect conditions for waterskiing, wakeboarding and windsurfing up the Kiungani Channel. Great for Kite surfing, though no equipment provided as yet.

Snorkelling and swimming with dolphins

A 30mins boat ride to the frequently seen dolphins with fishing snorkelling on the way


Dhow trip

Take a local dhow out for a cruise around Kizingoni Bay. Unusually for East Africa we face the sunset, so this is a treasured experience. Take a cold box of iced drinks and some fresh oysters.


Fishing with beach picnic

With your Captain head to a deserted beach to relax and grill your freshly caught fish

Deep-sea fishing

Rated one of the top 10 deep sea fishing areas in the world try your hand at fishing for Marlin, tuna, sailfish, kingfish and more. By prior arrangement only


Massage and Beauty treatments

Relax and enjoy a variety of massage and beauty treatments.