Be aware of surrounding

  • While on Streets, keep of using phones while walking to maintain your attention on your belongings and prevent pick pockets.
  • If driving make use of side mirrors to check awareness of your all round environment in case of strangers who attack your car from behind

Understand where you are going

  • Avoid aimless strolling
  • Use google maps to know where you are going
  • Visit safe ares like: Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville but always have a local to guide you.

Don’t be Afraid of the dark

  • Use Taxi mostly
  • Abide with Hotel Instructions for purpose of your safety
  • Never miss out with Night Life since it is always good and interesting
  • Have a copy of “Magazine Johannesburg” to get daily updates of the current happening to be aware of any insecurity concerns of a certain region

Be Aware of fake police

There have been rare cases of travelers getting affected. Take note that only have random check ups on the roads with check point alert unless you are wanted. When its late and police are following up on you on the road, find nearest Petrol station and stop their for check up

Download Uber

This will help you for movement purposes more especially to areas you don’t know and also at night.

During the day you can prefer walking because downtown area has an energetic and colorful street life that reflects the city’s cosmopolitan mix of South African, European and pan-African influences.