Spots provide excellent camouflage in the leopard’s forest habitat. Clouded leopards have long, strong tails and powerful, stout legs. They are also known to be one of the best climbers in the cat family.

Eat varied prey, from birds to monkeys to wild pigs.


Leopards live in forests and spend much of their lives in trees. Their bodies are well adapted to this arboreal lifestyle. While their strong tails help them to balance while perched on tree branches, their specially adapted ankle bones and large paws allow them to both climb while hanging upside down under branches and climb down trees head first! When a clouded leopard spots its prey on the forest floor, it leaps down on it from above.

The social behavior of leopards is virtually unknown. They are, however, thought to be solitary animals. And though they are mostly nocturnal, evidence has shown them to be active during some periods of the day.

Mating Season: Can occur during any month but in captivity between December and March.

Gestation: 85-93 days.

Litter size: 1-5 cubs
At birth, kittens weigh five to six ounces, and do not open their eyes until they are 12 days old. Clouded leopard kittens nurse until they are five months old and do not develop adult coloration until they are six months old.